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It seems like a lot of stuff is coming to light about the male YouTube population. I’m not glad that it’s happening, but I’m glad people are talking about it, because it needs to stop. I hope this post will contribute to that.

I was coerced into having sexual contact with Alex Day.

I met him…


I met Olga in 2010 at VidCon. She was a very smart, very clever, very cool young woman. I thought it was weird (but kinda cool) that Tom had found a cool fan who could hold her own with a bunch of the top-tier VidCon folks and let her behind the curtain a little bit.



A second friend of mine in six months has been outed as an emotional and sexual abuser. I honestly think I need to figure out how to process that personally.

But I do think Olga did the right and brave thing by sharing what happened between her and Tom. The kneejerk reaction she has faced, with…